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  • A developer, tester, project manager, designer or another IT professional?
  • Based in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland (or looking to move there)?
  • Sick of being bombarded with irrelevant emails and calls from pushy recruiters?
  • Excited by the chance to work on cool projects in great companies using the latest technology?

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Don't take our word for it, here's what others are saying about Techloop

In my opinion, Techloop is a great idea. Developers can create a profile once and then simply wait for offers. It's definitely a better option than sending your CV to every single company, in the exact format they ask for. Also, I see the huge advantage of staying anonymous. For example, if I'm working for a company but I'm not completely happy and I'm open to other opportunities it's an ideal solution.


PHP Programmer saved me a lot of unnecessary struggle finding new job. Just filling a simple form got me hired in a couple of days, literally.


Python Developer

Techloop has a great idea behind it - which is that people are worried to express themselves in public, but as soon as they feel sense of privacy and anonymity, they are more open to express what they want. This allows us as customers to speak to people and people speak to us without worry that it will leak that they are thinking about changing jobs.


ION Trading Director

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